Lexi Interviews Bishop Lester Love, Bishop Paul S Morton And Bishop Jerry F Hutchins

Bishop, Paul and Lexi

Watch as talk show hostess/radio personality Lexi sits down for an compelling discussion on just how easy it is for one to become a Bishop in today’s society and many of our local churches with a few very special guests including Bishop Paul S. Morton (Presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church International with various organizations in Atlanta, GA & New Orleans, LA), Bishop Lester Love (of City of Love in New Orleans, LA) and Bishop Jerry F. Hutchins (of Kingdom Now Ministries in Norcross, GA).

Inside the real discussion, Lexi and the Bishops talks about proper protocol in the church, the process by which many become ordained as bishops and what it really means to hold such an esteemed title spiritually, biblically and naturally.

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